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Company services

Mehanical installation

VORIO company offers the implementation of various types of mechanical installation.

Our professionally educated employees (locksmiths, metalworkers, welders of various procedures) perform different types of work in the production of metal products.

In addition to all installation services, we also provide maintenance and restoration work in various industrial systems. We can change and adapt the existing systems according to the desires of our customers, re-process various conveyance systems, move production lines etc.

With our own human resources and a network of long-term partners we provide designer and engineer services in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Therefore we can offer engineering, production, and installation under one roof.

Installation of pipelines
Assembly of mechanical conveyor systems
Installation of structures and conveyor systems
Erection of steel structures
Silo installation
Installation of conveyor and storage systems
Installation of photovoltaic module
Electrical installations