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VORIO d.o.o.

After many years of managing projects of production, re-processing, installation, and disassembly of steel products and half-products in industrial plants, Marjan Vouk founded a family business MKV MONTAŽA d.o.o. in 2010. The company has been growing steadily considering the number of employees as well as income. In 2017, the successful story was interrupted by the manager’s sudden death.

Due to organizational and ownership changes, the company’s management decided that the projects should be taken over by the partner company VORIO d.o.o., the owner and manager of which is Mario Vouk.

We are present on the markets of the EU, North America, Asia, and Africa. The essence of our business operation is the satisfaction of our clients which reflects our competencies, organizational skills, qualities, state-of-the-art equipment, and professional attitude. We want to create and maintain long-term collaborations with our partners.

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In VORIO d.o.o., we want to be recognized in the Europe by our professionalism, speed, and quality in the installation of industrial systems. With a network of successful partner companies we want to offer comprehensive technological solutions to fully satisfy the needs of our clients.

While the company is constantly and stably growing, we want to be included in new and promising industrial sectors with our own and partner production.


Our mission is to successfully satisfy all the needs and requests of our clients.

One of our basic missions is also to take care of the employees by providing a pleasant work environment and social security.

We also try to create and maintain long-term CEC partner collaborations (company-employee-clients).


We build and maintain an attentive relationship with every client, supplier, and employee. We take care of the social security of our employees and always listen to them. We perform our services in a fast, quality, and professional manner.

We also follow the state-of-the-art technological procedures and practices all the time, in management as well as in the production/implementation processes. We constantly train and provide relevant human resources who share their vision and values with the company.

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